Our projects interlink goals to benefit the rural population with overdue infrastructure needs.

1. Water: 66% of rural drinking water is polluted. New wells and purification systems are essential to basic health. We have located new underground water resources needing immediate implementation.

2. Irrigation: agriculture leads to economic growth and proper nutrition. We have located river locations for dams to supply pure water to about 500,000 in small cities and irrigate thousands of acres of dry land.

3. Education: We will partner with rural towns for construction of schools. Local volunteers will provide the labor and we will provide materials. With numerous orphans, dormitories over schools will mitigate this problem. Adult education, medical assistance and school farm plots will unite all ages.

4. Health: Obtaining used ambulances will allow medical staff to use town schools as a nucleus for first aid, testing, health education and transportation to urban hospitals. One traveling medical clinic will service 6 to 12 towns.

H.A.P.P.Y. seeks donations and aid to solve these essential needs.

We have no paid officers, executives or staff. We do not own or lease real estate, cars or trucks as assets or expenses. ALL funds support basic rural Ethiopian projects.

Please help us.