The mud school, however, was never meant to be a permanent solution. Michael began contacting as many people as he could in as many countries as possible to help construct an adequate building and get funding to keep the school in operation. For years there was no help. Not yielding to failure, Michael decided to take action into his own hands by selling his own home in order to fund the project. With the money, he was able to build concrete buildings. The Ethiopian government extended support by having 24/7 survellaince with the presence of the Ethiopian army. This protects the children from frequent raids and violence that plague the region. Finally in 2006, the new school was inaugurated.

Concrete block school

At the school, the children receive food, education, and a chance for a better future. After school, the orphans go home with the many loving teachers and staff who help keep the school operational. The school has an open door policy and refuses to turn away any orphan who needs an education. While the desire to help is limitless, the budget is not. The classrooms are over-crowded and there are further improvements needed on the existing building. More schools and supplies are essential.

First class in concrete school