2008 rewards and Recognitions

Interview of Michael Belay with Coast Magazine February 1, 2008

The Chapman University public safety officer,
a native of Ethiopia,talks about why a simple trip home led to his receiving the 2007 Albert Schweitzer Award of Excellence. In 1981, Tilahun Michael Belay came to America as a political refugee – with nothing. But he worked hard and within a few decades he had become a citizen,

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Local Man reaches a hand across planet, February 25, 2008, OC Register

Chapman University public safety officer
Michael Belay saw a need and did something about it. In 2000, while visiting the Ethiopian village he once called home, Belay saw many children without schooling of any kind. So he came back to the U.S., sold his home and used the funds to build the Tilahun Belay School.

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